You’ve just unlocked the
gateway to your most

revitalized Self.

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Take a deep breath.
Relax with us awhile…

We know that in the busyness of life, there are countless opportunities to treat yourself like an afterthought. So we’ve consciously created Ruby Rose Sanctuary as a sacred healing haven in which you are our first - and only - thought.

Through each and every massage service, apothecary product and event experience… we offer a space for you to feel held and loved, uplifted and awakened. We invite you into a precious moment of putting the world on pause and allowing your own health and wholeness to take priority.

You are a treasure and we are delighted to treat you like one.



How can we be of service today?


Alleviate aches and pains in the physical body and renew your emotional wellbeing.


Relieve daily stress and elevate your at-home practice with hand-crafted aromatherapy.


Reconnect with the sacredness of life and schedule a soulful getaway, just for you.



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