Each Flower Garden treatment is attuned to one of the seven chakras, or sacred energy centers, located along the spine. Our chakras are wheels of light that govern various aspects of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

When are chakras are in alignment and functioning at their most fully expressed capacity, we reflect that essence of a thriving, well-adjusted, harmonious life. If our chakras are out of balance - that is to say, if they are energetically over- or under-active, we feel depleted, dis-eased, and disconnected from our most vibrant, healthy Self. It is natural for our chakras to become blocked or weakened as we move through the normal stressors of daily life… so just as we make time for self-care on the physical level, an important aspect of our overall health and wellness is self-care on the subtle, energtic levels.

Ruby Rose Sanctuary consciously crafted our Flower Garden therapies to nurture and awaken the body, mind, heart and spirit. Each unique treatment is an interweaving of flower waters, essential oils, vibrational essences, nourishing body oilis, Ayurvedic therapies and healing with crystals, energy and sound. These offerings are harmonizing, balancing and truly charming to the senses.

A chakra anointing oil or ambient spray is included in the package along with a cozy, warm tea to comfort your spirit as you journey home.

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Which treatment is right for you?


[MULADHARA] The Root Chakra

Healing your Root Chakra empowers you to confidently face whatever life may bring. When your Root Chakra is out of balance, you may experience anger, feel disconnected from the world, out of touch with your body, lack focus and feeling anxious in your daily life.

The Root Chakra is a grounding treatment focusing only on the head, hands and feet to bring awareness back into the body. An invigorating scalp massage starts out the treatment, stimulating the nerve endings in the head along with Marma Points to balance the mind. The hands and feet are anointed with grounding oils, massaged with a concentration on reflex points then wrapped in warm towels along with placements of crystals. This fosters energy to flow throughout the body, creating a home foundation for all the other energy centers.

90 min | $125


[SVADHISTHANA] The Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra rules our physical manifestation, it is the seat of our creativity and determines how we see ourselves in the world. It allows us to see the world as a magical and wondrous place. An out of balance Sacral Chakra may lead to fear of pleasure, lack of creativity, feeling sluggish and finding it hard to fully express your sensual self.

The Sacral Chakra Treatment is a full body oiling, with concentration on the low back, hips and abdomen which tend to become painful when this Chakra is out of balance.

Marma points, warm towels, nourishing essential oils and sound healing are used to invite the body-mind to gently re-awaken back into its true authentic creative self.

90 min | $125


[MANIPURA] The Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus is our energy center and is where will-power comes from, the ability to achieve, our self esteem and self-discipline. With an out of balance Solar Plexus you may experience anger, judgment of self and others, doubt, the feelings of not being good enough and a sense of “checking out of life.”

The Solar Plexus treatment is nourishing, warming and purifying for the body, mind and spirit. This beautiful process begins with a dry body brushing to promote a healthy lymphatic system and cleanse the skin, followed by a warm oil massage to promote circulation. The body is then cocooned by a Swedana, an individualized herbal steam tent to assist in removing impurities which are found deep within the tissues. Specific oils are also incorporated to bring healing to your Solar Plexus and stimulate great joy, self-love and self-acceptance throughout your entire being.

90 min | $125


[ANAHATA] The Heart Chakra

Love, happiness, compassion, sorrow, and lust all stem from the heart. The lesson of the heart is that we first must love ourselves before we can love others. If your Heart Chakra is out of balance you will feel anger, grief, despair and your love may have conditions.

Ruby Rose's very essence was inspired by this Chakra, which embodies pure love, pure light and awakening to your hearts delight. Open your heart with this blissful treatment starting with a full body warm herbal oiling. Rose infused anointing oils support the heart and soothe the spirit. Flower waters, Rose quartz crystals and crystal sound healing adds a harmonious feeling to the heart space and assists in bringing great compassion, love and appreciation for yourself and others. Truly a heartwarming experience!

90 min | $125


[VISHUDDHA] The Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is the center that governs our speech and creative expression in the world. Its balance will determine how honest you are, and how well you can express yourself with the people around you. When there are imbalances in the Throat Chakra, you may come across as over-opinionated and critical of others and how they are performing in their life. Or you may be unable to express yourself at all and will often be misinterpreted, misunderstood, or taken advantage of by others.

Attuning the Throat Chakra back into balance consists of a full body oiling concentrating on the upper back, neck, throat and head. Marma points are stimulated with essential oils to bring balance and help clear blockages. The throat is bathed in sound and crystal healing to promote self expression and the freedom to speak your truth.

90 min | $125


[AJNA] The Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye is our gateway into the higher realms of consciousness. It is through our thoughts that we express ourselves in the world and it is through our thoughts we are able to make our dreams a reality. When your third eye is overactive you may experience stress, headaches and be over-intellectual in your thinking. You may have difficulty feeling empathy for people in your life, lack common sense and be disconnected from your intuition.

A Shirodhara treatment balances the Third Eye with a soothing continuous flow of oil that is poured slowly and gently across the forehead to settle and quiet the mind and nervous system. A full body oiling begins this nurturing treatment along with an anointing of myrhh, cedarwood and sandalwood oils to help further relax and calm the mind.

90 min | $125


[SAHASRARA] The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra, or Sahasrara, is sanskrit for “the lotus flower of 1000 petals”. It is located at the top of our head, and it is our connection to The Divine. It is this gateway that connects us both to the physical and non-physical realm of our existence and it is here that we find Our Divinity and become Enlightened. When your Crown Chakra is out of balance, you may feel like you are lacking a purpose in life and that all is meaningless. Positive outlooks on life will be hard to grasp you may feel no desire to discover your inner self.

This meditative treatment will assist you in connecting to your divine source through vibrational energy healing. A crystal layout is gently placed on your body to assist in re-aligning your energy fields. Harmonious blends of oils, flower waters, sound healing and Reiki help you to experience greater awareness of your spiritual self and assist in awakening to the deepest and highest aspects of your being.

90 min | $125



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