Dharma Chicks is an interactive animal therapy experience focused on establishing conscious connections and peaceful partnerships with nature and our feathered and furry friends. Through meditation, gentle movement, yoga and just being present and listening, we as humans are able to co-create a sacred fellowship amongst the nature and animal kingdom. 

From this space of connectedness, we more deeply experience peace of mind and reassurance beyond the limits of humanity.  This kinship with our beloved animal friends sparks intimate wisdom, relationship, love and joy that can be found within all beings of this world.

60 minute 1-on-1 sessions at our private farm sanctuary.
Spend quality time with our horses, goats, chickens and guineas.



Experience Dharma Chicks animal therapy at our private farm sanctuary.


60 minute one-on-one private sessions. Spend playful, healing quality time with horses, goats, chickens, guineas and bunnies. Offered year-round.


90 minute group classes. Enjoy a blissful blend of gentle yoga and restorative sound healing with crystal singing bowls. Summer season only.