Floricita Medicina Chakra Blend Essences

It was so much fun and such an honor to co-create Chakra Blend Essences with Bloom Post, my amazing teacher!  Each blend is intended to help empower and support each Chakra for your highest alignment.  I love the fact that we were able to include the flower essences of Tobacco, Palo Santo and Cacao to bring a sacredness and a ceremonial energy to your daily life!  Bloom has the most amazing apothecary of flower essences that are made with so much love and moonlight magic!  

I will be interweaving the essences into the Flower Garden Treatments to further enhance balance within in the Chakra System and lift the vibration in the body's energy field.  They are simply an amazing and gentle tool to have on hand if you are wanting to heal and step further into your true self!

They are available at Ruby Rose Sanctuary or Bloompost.com for $18 each or $108 for the full set!

Just Made!

Exciting new flower essences to support the Chakras!