Integrative Massage

This luxurious treatment allows the client to personally create the healing of choice or choices depending on what the body, mind and spirit needs at the time. Options include specific muscle work, energy healing, sound healing, marma therapy, essential oils and use of crystals to further enhance your healing experience.

65 minutes $75.00

90 minutes $100.00

Marma Therapy

Marmas are the vital points in the body where the life force energy is concentrated. When stimulating the points, the mind and emotions are able to gently relax, restoring the tissues, and reducing stress in the body. This nourishing therapy also includes a warm herbalized oil massage to assist the body into a deeper relaxation.

65 minutes $75.00

Sound Healing

Restore harmony and peace within your body as your senses are bathed in meditative sounds of crystal singing bowls and tuning forks. This harmonious treatment is accompanied by a warm oil massage for a deeper sense of mind-body balance.

65 minutes $75.00

shirodhara pic.jpg


A soothing continuous flow of oil poured slowly and gently across the forehead to settle and balance the nervous system. The effect is delightful and frequently results in profound relaxation. A 30 minute full body oiling begins this nurturing treatment to help further relax and calm the mind.

75 minutes $95.00

Chakra Treatment pic.jpg

Chakra Balancing

Deeply meditative and restorative, this experience brings the seven main Chakras into alignment through a combination of energy healing, crystals, essential oils and crystal singing bowls that resonate with each Chakra. The effects of this treatment promotes a sense of well-being, relaxation, balance and rejuvenation within the body, mind and spirit.

65 minutes $75.00


Experience a revitalizing sense of well-being and inner peace with the help of Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese technique used to reduce stress and encourage relaxation which promotes physical, emotional and spiritual healing. All this enhances the body’s natural healing abilities.

65 minutes $75.00

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Integrative Reflexology

Integrative Reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment which stimulates reflex points on the feet, creating a flow of energy to enhance circulation, ease pain and reduce stress.

65 minutes $75.00